Brentwood, Tennessee Real Estate and Community Information

Located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee is a small affluent suburb where you will find beautiful homes, luscious lawns and affluent members of the country music industry. Brentwood may only have just over 30,000 residents but some of those residents are the who’s who in the country music industry. Just a few of those who have chosen to make their Brentwood property their main home include Trace Adkins, Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan and Dolly Parton, just to name a few. Others, like pop star Kesha, actress Jamie Lynn Spears and comedian Brad Stine are just a few others who have chosen to make this beautiful community their home. Of course there is more to the community than the celebrity status. There are also multiple top employers in the area as well as top notch education system and parks and recreation that keep kids involved in not only the community but sports as well. Brentwood has become the most affluent neighborhood in the Nashville area and is known to be the wealthiest place to live based not only on income but the cost of living as well. When you contact Kim Day Shacklock, you can be sure that this local Brentwood realtor will guide you in finding your dream property.

Brentwood Education System

The education of Brentwood is part of the Williamson County Schools which serves the entire county. In the area there are 7 elementary schools, 3 public middle schools, 1 private middle school, 2 public high schools and 1 private high school. With Williamson County being known as the wealthiest county in the nation, there is no lack of funding for the programs that are important to the health and education of every student in the district. In fact, in the entire district, 3 of the high schools were ranked the top 1,000 public schools nationwide by Newsweek magazine. The educational system here is a place where kids can strive and find the passions that they will excel in for their entire lives.

Parks and Recreation

The parks and recreation department in Brentwood offers residents multiple parks that include various options like walking trails, exercise stations, nature centers, arboretum and various pavilions for get togethers and picnics. Additionally, there is the NUTRO dog park which is located inside the Tower Park. This park offers two fenced areas, one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. Both areas include benches for owners and water stations for the dogs.

In addition to the parks offerings, there are also multiple opportunities for activities within the parks and recreation department. Here, kids and adults will find various sports leagues including flag football, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and soccer. Anyone who wants information on the available leagues in Brentwood, check out their website.


Brentwood was originally settled by Native Americans although it is believed that the original tribe either moved or was eliminated in the 1300s. The first white settlers stayed in the land in the 1700s, bringing farming and plantations to the area. Brentwood played a large part in many wars over the years including the revolutionary war and the Civil War. Since then, the area has thrived in industries and has become the wealthiest area in the country. In 1969, the interstate was built through town and the town was then incorporated. After this, the residential and commercial growth exploded. Maryland Farms office was then built and the American Saddle Horse Farm and race track created a lifestyle in the town that eventually created a way of life that is how Brentwood residents live today.

Business is Thriving

One thing that attracts people to Brentwood is the idea of living in an area where you can count on your employer. With large corporations like Comdata, Tractor Supply and AT&T being the top 3 employers in town, those who live here and work here can always count on having steady employment as well as a competitive salary and decent benefits. In fact, while most of the nation worries about the economy, those who work in Brentwood enjoy stability that most do not have.

Country Music Capital

Every aspiring musician knows that if you want to break into country music Nashville is the place to be but what happens if you do not want to live in the big city? What if you want to live in a small, quiet community that is just minutes from the Grand ‘Ol Opry? If this is you, then Brentwood is the place to be. Many of the A list musicians from Nashville have made Brentwood home since it is close enough to the action that you can get there in minutes but it is also far enough out of the spotlight that they do not need to worry about paparazzi harassing their kids or coming at them with various rumors and tabloid accusations.
Even if you are not trying to make your name in country music, living next door to Nashville is an exciting adventure that you are sure to enjoy. While you will enjoy all of the nature that Brentwood has to offer, you are just minutes from concerts, shows and events that you will only find in Nashville.

Anyone who is looking for a place where they can enjoy life, slow down and breathe in nature while being just minutes away from the limelight will enjoy the lifestyle that is only found in Brentwood. This Nashville suburb is something that postcards are made of; what you once thought could never be, is now a reality. Bring your family, your horses and anything else you want to the new home of your dreams. Contact Kim Day Shacklock today, with your Brentwood realtor you will find your dream home, your dream property. Why wait any longer to start the life that you have always dreamed of?
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